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August 1, 2012 / Rebecca Foss

Cupcakes: Not Only Delicious, But Make A Great Story

How to Eat a Cupcake is a wonderfully written debut novel by Meg Donohue. Annie Quintana comes from two different worlds– that of the daughter of the help and the almost-sister of Julia St. Clair, the Pacific Heights princess, she grew up with. Annie and Julia grow up together in the St. Clair estate, close friends until high school rivalries and rumors tear them apart. Now, ten years later, Annie longs to open her own bakery. Julia wants to help her open a cupcakery, and she has the means to do it.

This is the story of two friends, raised together like sisters, torn apart through prep school scandal, and their awkward reconciliation through a business venture ten years later. The story is told through both Annie and Julia’s voice, ensuring that the reader is privy to the thoughts and perspective of each young woman. Donohue intricately crafted the story to slowly introduce clues and events that bring the novel to its climactic conclusion. While the characters are well thought out and likable, it is the details that lead up to this end that keep the reader turning the pages.

But the characters– oh, you can’t get more three-dimensional than this! Annie is witty, sarcastic, lovable, stubborn, independent, proud, and lonely all at the same time. Julia is a bit of a snob, generous, prim, popular, sad, smart, sophisticated, and needy. They frustrate each other and complement each other and it is simply lovely to see how their relationship grows beyond the events of the past.

This is a fun read that holds a little mystery, so get comfortable and enjoy the flavors of this delicious little gem.


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  1. A.M.B. / Sep 14 2012 6:50 pm

    Nice review! I finished this book last night and liked it. My only issue with it was that I thought the hooded stranger part was too coincidental. I enjoyed Donohue’s writing style, though, and her complex characters.

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