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July 16, 2012 / Rebecca Foss

A Little Help From A Stranger

Short story. I needed a new dining room table, so I went to IKEA over the weekend to have a look. Keep in mind, I have purchased furniture from IKEA before and every time, I curse myself for doing it as I lay out the 362 pieces that I will need to put one piece of furniture together. And I swear up and down that I will NEVER buy furniture from IKEA again. Anyhoo, I relented, went back to IKEA to make my purchase (I really do love their stuff and am a big fan).

Normally, when I go to IKEA, I go with a friend, my sister, anyone who can help me lift stuff. Not this time– went solo. I struggled to drag the boxes onto the flat cart and somehow managed to get the incredibly heavy, flat boxes across the warehouse of a store and into the checkout line. I made my purchase and pathetically steered the cart with the oversized boxes through the parking lot, the whole time wondering how I was going to lift the heaviest of the boxes into my car. Whew!

Now, here’s the inspiring part of the story. As I push-pulled the cart to the back of my car, a woman stopped her car, rolled down her window and said “Do you need help with that?” I looked at her, completely surprised and actually said yes (normally, I am too stubborn to accept help from people). Now, I know she really wanted my primo parking space and that was her motivation for helping me, but when I thanked her kindly for her help, she replied with, “That’s what God put us on this earth to do. Help each other.” In any case, I was a little touched by that and wanted to share. Thank you, kind lady in the IKEA parking lot that helped a sister out!

And a short side note: below is what my boxes contained. And yes, I cursed IKEA, swore up and down I would never buy furniture from there again, and I completely love my finished table.


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