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December 28, 2010 / Rebecca Foss

Do You Have Klout?

How influential are you online?  You can discover the influence you have online by checking out your Klout score.  Now, Klout describes its score as “the measurement of your overall online influence.”  Currently, Klout uses Twitter and Facebook to determine your score; but it is soon adding  LinkedIn to the mix (at least in a beta version).

So how does it work?  Your score ranges from 1 to 100.  The higher the score, the more influence you have among the people that are connected to you.  It is important to note that while Klout describes their score as a measurement of overall online influence, only Facebook and Twitter (and soon LinkedIn) are used to determine your influence.  Klout does not take into account other online social networks, blogs, video sharing, etc.  Even though its sources are somewhat narrow, these sources do hold quite a bit of influence and it is certainly an interesting way to gauge a user’s influence.   Not only does Klout let you know your overall score, your score can also be broken down to determine your true reach (the size of your engaged audience), amplification probability (the likelihood that your content will be acted on), and network influence (the influence your engaged audience has).

While I wouldn’t rely on Klout for 100% accuracy, this is a great tool for businesses to determine who has influence to spread the word regarding new products or services.  If your business has a Twitter account, reaching out to your followers (because they already have some sort of affinity toward your company) to find out who has the most engaged audience, is a great way to announce the next big news that you are ready to share.


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